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Joint Venture Partner Spat - Toshiba cuts off Western Digital's future chip supply and claims WD has no rights in a joint venture factory
- WD claims they have a stake to the joint venture because they bought SanDisk.
Charter Communications acquires Time Warner Cable, Bright House, becomes second largest cable company, and jacks prices
- Using their utility monopoly, they are able to force customers to pay more.
Hacker who bought domain to block WannaCry ransomwhere was arrested in Vegas
- FBI allegedly grabbed him at the airport and hid him, now claims he wrote and sold Kronos malware which collects bank account logins.
First ever landing and launch of fighter on aircraft carrier using electromagnetic catapult
- USS Gerald R. Ford lands and launches F/A-18F Super Hornet using new electric catapult instead of steam.
New Verizon program means Verizon provides: Your postal and email addresses, location and "Proprietary History", your browsing history, app usages, tracking ID's for several tracking networks, age, gender, interests, shopping history, and more to their associated companies.
- This affects use of Verizon Wireless, Verizon FIOS, other Verizon services, Yahoo, AOL, HuffPost, Tumblr, and any sites using any of three major ad networks.

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Privacy warnings spell trouble for millions of low-cost Android phone owners
- Claimed Blu Android phones sent full body of text messages, contact lists, call histories with full telephone numbers, identifiers, and more to Chinese company
Federal Prosecutors mislead attempted murder case while describing Stringray cell-site simulators
- How legal are these Stingrays anyway?
FCC postitions now full, 3-2 Republican-loaded
- Expected to reject net neutrality and allow tech companies to run free with your data.
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- Proof female orgasm exists and real time video of brainwaves matching Sybian sessions
- Bitcoin Cash now real. Total value of coins jumps.
WannaCry Ransomware operator cashes out his extorted Bitcoin wallets
- This is the bugger that took down hospital networks, critical infrastructure, and more on Windows machines.
IBM, Sony cram 330 Terabytes into tiny tape cartridge
- 200 Gigabytes per inch density of tape, over 1 kilometer of tape per cartridge
Recently elected West Virginia Governor Jim Justice changes from Democrat to Republican, announces at Trump rally in WV
- Rumor is that Jim Justice owes millions of dollars in company taxes and there may be a dirty deal at play.

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Using EEG, researchers determine hypnosis prevents action, not recognition
- Brain still sees objects no matter what, then hypnosis can blank them out.
FCC announces its plan to stop DDoS attacks must remain secret from members of Congress in the House Commerce and Oversight committees
- Because we all know there's no bigger security risk than a Congressman. Also keeping secrets on the internet works.
Flash use winding down, end of life announced
- Flash will be supported and maintained only until the end of 2020
Simpsons/Futurama creator Matt Groening announces two 10 episode blocks of new show Disenchantment for Netflix
- Premiers in 2018 and stars lots of Futurama voice actors
Flying Jetsuit inventor breaks speed record of 30mph for several hundred meters with "Daedalus"
- Six gas turbines generate 800 horsepower for his back and hands to ensure he does not have to deal with traffic
Supreme Court rules patents must be litigated in defendant's state of incorporation.
- Good bye East Texas, Hello Delaware and Nevada!
UCF kicker ruled ineligible by NCAA, loses scholarship because of his YouTube videos
- NCAA acts to destroy a student's future because he makes videos about playing football.
It's official - we're genetically modifying humans now. In Oregon. To try to prevent hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and related heart attacks.
- We may need to engineer superhumans to fight the oncoming robot wars, to survive in hot and polluted cities, and to be able to live without hope for our future generations.


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